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Tips to stop the spread of Covid 19

According the the Centers for Disease Control, one of the best things you can do to stop the spread of Covid-19 is to isolate if you are sick and tell your close friends, family and co-workers if you become ill or test positive for Covid-19. Following are some tips from the CDC.

As much as possible, stay in a specific room and away from other people and pets in your home. If possible, you should use a separate bathroom. If you need to be around other people or animals in or outside of the home, wear a mask.

Tell your close contacts that they may have been exposed to COVID-19. An infected person can spread COVID-19 starting 48 hours (or 2 days) before the person has any symptoms or tests positive. By letting your close contacts know they may have been exposed to COVID-19, you are helping to protect everyone.

This information has been taken from the website for the Centers for Disease Control. For more information, go to