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About Our Test

The Access Bio CareStart rapid Covid-19 Antigen test has been approved for use by the FDA for Covid testing under an Emergency Use Authorization, and can detect the presence of Covid-19 Antigens within 5 days of symptom onset.

This test requires a specimen which is obtained from the nasopharynx using a small, soft, flexible swab that’s unlikely to cause discomfort. However, keeping your head and body still during the swabbing process will result in a more pleasant experience. Our specimen collectors are trained and experienced and will work with you and your family to ensure the most positive experience and the most accurate result.

Rapid Covid-19 Antigen testing is used to screen for current infection with the Covid-19 virus. However, this test cannot rule out co-infection with another bacteria or virus, such as influenza. Although false positive results are possible, they are rare. False negative tests are more common and may require additional testing from your doctor.

Click here for more detailed information about the Access Bio CareStart Covid-19 Antigen test.