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Film and Stage Productions

"Evelyn provided the most versatile and adaptable rapid testing available, and was a major asset to our set. We'd recommend keeping her number close, not just for her ability to quickly and efficiently test large casts, but also because her expertise as a front-line health care worker makes her wisdom indispensable."
Joshua Noble, Covid Compliance Officer, Pillow Fort Productions
"Evelyn was personable, professional and able to provide us with same-day service for a last minute shoot -- total life saver!"

Bethanie M., Production Coordinator, Burbank, California

Hiring Mobile Covid Testing, LLC as the testing service for your production ensures timely and accurate results (within 10-15 minutes) and minimizes costly production delays. In addition, Mobile Covid Testing, LLC, guarantees all testing is performed to professional standards by trained nurses, in compliance with applicable federal and state laws as well as public health regulations. Mobile Covid Testing, LLC also fulfills the mandated reporting to two public health databases, as required by state and federal law.

Our unique status as a mobile lab is our greatest advantage. This means we can test your cast and crew on your set with almost immediate results. Our trained nurses can establish a temporary CLIA-approved testing site at your filming location, for maximum convenience and minimal downtime. Test results are made available to production managers approximately 10-15 minutes after specimen collection.

Mobile Covid Testing LLC also maintains strategic partnerships with Covid compliance officers currently working in film production. The ability to bundle our services with other covid compliance professionals is an added value that increases the effectiveness of covid monitoring efforts on set with ultimate benefits for the production company, the health of the cast and crew, and the general well-being of the larger community.


"Christmas Love Tree," February-March 2021 (Made for TV movie)

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